Bubble Sifter

Bubble Sifter is an Arcade game on PlayGamesStore.Com. You can play Bubble Sifter in your browser for free. Pop as many identical bubbles as you can to get high scores. A challenging and addicting game.

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4 thoughts on “Bubble Sifter

  1. Super Bubble Pop, is a fairly straightforward, fast-paced puzzle game that, simply put, would not exist if it weren’t for the countless other puzzle games that have come before it. Playing much like a blend of Klax and Columns, two of the earliest would-be Tetris usurpers, Super Bubble Pop feels familiar all around, right down to its titular similarities to Taito’s prolific Super Bust-A-Move series. Still, though the game draws inspiration from some of the more respected second-string puzzle games out there, Super Bubble Pop offers neither their depth nor their long-term appeal.

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